Devious Maids

Genres : Drame, Mystère
Première diffusion : 23 juin 2013
Format : 43m, 60m
Statut : En production
4 saisons / 49 épisodes

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Devious Maids

Quatre femmes de ménage d'origine latine travaillent pour de riches familles au cœur de luxueuses villas de Beverly Hills. Lorsque l'une de leurs amies est tuée dans des circonstances mystérieuses, elles s'interrogent sur leurs rêves et leurs espoirs déçus, sur leurs patrons, tous plus névrosés les uns que les autres, et sur leur avenir...

Série créée par Marc Cherry

Saison 4 (2016) - 10 épisodes

In season four, Marisol finds herself acting as a support system to Evelyn in the wake of a big life change. Rosie's positive and sunny disposition leaves much to be desired by her new boss, Genevieve who is acclimating to a household without Zoila's honest and acerbic humor. Carmen continues to pursue her singing career until her cousin Daniela comes to town and shakes things up. Marisol also finds herself in a new relationship, which eventually becomes a complicated triangle when her old flame Jesse reappears.

Saison 3 (2015) - 13 épisodes

Season three picks up at the height of last season's shocking cliffhanger, leaving everyone to wonder who will survive. In the wake of the tragedy, the women lean on each other like never before, even as they face complex problems in their own lives.

Saison 2 (2014) - 13 épisodes

Following last season's revelations, season two promises to deliver even more excitement. Beverly Hills is hit by a wave of criminal activity that leaves its residents in a vulnerable situation. Marisol engages in a new romance but quickly discovers there is more than meets the eye to her new lover. Zoila's need to control everything starts to take a toll on her personal life, especially with Valentina, who is now working for a surprising new employer. Rosie's immigration status is in flux, while Carmen embraces her life in the limelight as the fiancée to a pop star.

Saison 1 (2013) - 13 épisodes

Sex. Lies. Murder...It's all in a day's work. Meet five women bonded together by their jobs, their dreams and the dirt they sweep under the rug: Aspiring singer Carmen; Rosie, who longs to be reunited with the child she left back in Mexico; Marisol, whose outward identity masks a desperate hidden agenda; and Zoila and her daughter Valentina -- both employed by the delightfully unhinged Genevieve Delatour. Before the season is over, illicit affairs will be revealed and depraved secrets exposed, as we learn the sordid details behind a shocking murder.

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Ana Ortiz

Ana Ortiz
Rôle : Marisol Suarez

Dania Ramirez

Dania Ramirez
Rôle : Rosie Falta

Grant Show

Grant Show
Rôle : Spence Westmore

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