Genre : Animation
Première diffusion : 18 octobre 2014
Format : 26m
Statut : En production
2 saisons / 25 épisodes



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LoliRock is a French animated television series, following the journey of young Iris, a spirited teenage girl with a beautiful voice and an unending desire to help others. When Iris sings, strange events happen. Encouraged by her best friend, she ends up auditioning for a girl rock band, but her power destroys the room and she is later attacked by two strangers. The judges at the audition, Talia and Auriana, come to help her, and they explain to her that she is actually a princess with magical powers that must save her kingdom of Ephedia from the clutches of Gramorr who has taken over. The only way to save it is to master her powers and to find the Oracle Gems of the Royal Crown of Ephedia, which are scattered across the Earth. Over the course of the series, the three girls try to live ordinary teenage lives as rock stars of the all-girl band "LoliRock", while training Iris in secret. But when Gramoor sends Praxina and Mephisto and has them summon monsters to cause chaos, the girls must work together as magical girl warrior princesses.

Série créée par Jean-Louis Vandestock, David Michel

Saison 1 (2014) - 26 épisodes

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